UNF Ceramics Guild Adam Field poster seriesUNF Ceramics Guild Adam Field poster series

UNF Ceramics Guild Adam Field poster series

These posters were designed for the UNF Ceramics Guild/Department of Art+Design. They incorporate as major design elements a vessel illustrating one of Field’s primary techniques, a hand-carved pattern on translucent porcelain with a celadon glaze; and, to emphasize that the exhibit includes a workshop by the full-time studio potter, a picture of the artist at work. Development involved collaboration with the Guild sponsors and the Fine Arts Center, as well as an exploration of the artist’s work.

GDUSA (Graphic Design USA) American In-house Design Award Winner, 2015
For five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored competitions to spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The GDUSA American In-house Design Awards have been the premier showcase for outstanding work by in-house designers, marketing and communications departments within corporations, publishing houses, non-profits, universities and government agencies. The competition, which annually attracts more than 10,000 entrants, with fewer than 15% selected for awards, recognizes the creativity, special challenges, and contributions of in-house designers. (Note: my work won two awards in this competition, a feat the publisher describes as “a rare case.”)

GDUSA Poster Series Award Publication
The Adam Field poster series was published both digitally on the GDUSA website as well as in print in GDUSA, a monthly news and information magazine for and about the professional designer (Jul/Aug 2015).

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