Beth Nabi is a design educator and graphic designer in Jacksonville, Florida.
This site is an ongoing documentary of her research and creative activity.


Research & Scholarship Themes

These themes are manifested in my teaching, and are the major currents in a broad stream of national and international conference panels and papers (all peer-reviewed), related published works, invited presentations and podcasts, design projects and awards, and ongoing explorations relevant to each major area.

Visual Rhetoric in Design Education

Using my background in English to explore rhetorical devices, their application to verbal and visual communication, and the effectiveness of visual rhetoric in improving the creative and conceptualization processes in graphic design.

Art, Design & Technology

Exploring the confluence of art and design and the commonalities and distinctions between them, as well as addressing the symbiotic relationship between technological skill and creative and critical thinking in design education.

Visual Identity & Branding

Fandom-inspired investigations of fundamental concepts of brand/visual identity strategy in the context of rock group U2, in conjunction with unconventional approaches that have resulted in indelible brands of visual identity.


Portfolio Highlights

My creative portfolio includes works commissioned for UNF’s Department of Art and Design as well as those commissioned by external clients. The pieces below are winners of GDUSA’s American Graphic Design Awards or In-house Design Awards.

Scadia documentary film logo

AnthroFilms Scadia documentary logo & promo materials

Vivat t-shirt design

SCA Knights’ battle-cry logo

UNF Ceramics Guild Adam Field poster series

UNF Ceramics Guild Adam Field poster series

UNF Ceramics Guild Ian Johnston poster

UNF Ceramics Guild Ian Johnston poster